Repair Policy


* Prices are subject to change

  • If your instrument is out of warranty and requires repair by the manufacturer, a repair fee is required.
  • You can purchase a 12 month warranty for $350 or a 6 month warranty for $300 with the manufacturer.
  • This does not include NHS professional services. There will be a minimum fee of $25 for processing your instrument.
  • Fees for In-House service repairs may range from $45-65 per hearing instrument depending on services required.


If you have ESCO coverage, additional deductibles and service fees will apply.

  • Loss replacement: $75 deductible, per instrument (includes ear impression but does not include earmold if needed.
  • Damage or repair: $35 deductible, per instrument
  • Office Visit: IN ADDITION to any ESCO services, there is a $10 fee for each of your office visits (troubleshooting, ear impression or programming).


Ear Mold Policy

Your customized earmold(s) may need to be remade if there is a comfort or fitting issue.

* Prices are subject to change

  • This remake must be processed within 30 days of initial fitting.
  • There is no additional processing fee within 30 days of earmold fitting for necessary remakes.
  • A $25 processing fee will apply for remakes 30-60 days post earmold fitting.
  • Remakes needed after 60 days will require new earmold purchase.