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Life is full of sounds! Hearing them can sometimes be a challenge.

Since 1988 Northern Hearing Services (NHS) has been a leader in helping Alaskans hear the sounds of their lives. Our doctors utilize the latest technology, products and services for the diagnosis and treatment of hearing health. Experts in their field, our team of doctors at NHS are committed to helping patients of all ages – newborn to adult – hear life better.

As the leading diagnostic center of the Alaska Cochlear Implant Network, NHS is the only private center in Alaska providing comprehensive care for patients of all ages with hearing loss requiring implantable technology. In addition, Northern Hearing also dispenses a variety of hearing aids and assistive hearing devices for the treatment of hearing loss and tinnitus at competitive prices.

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Hearing Matters

‘Like Brain Boot Camp’: Using Music To Ease Hearing Loss May 31, 2017 - Heard on All Things Considered May 31, 20172:00 PM ET Trying to make out what someone is saying in a noisy environment is a problem most people can relate to, and one that gets worse with age. At 77, Linda White hears all right in one-on-one settings but has problems in noisier situations. “Mostly in […]
Listening Is A Key To Connection May 16, 2017 - BY HEARING FIRST TEAM MAY 16, 2017 When your child learns to listen, they aren’t just hearing, but making sense of what they hear, associating words and meaning, and finding out about the world around them… all through listening. This week, we’re focused on how your child’s listening can lead to learning goals. Read on […]
CDC Releases New Report on Noise-Induced Hearing Loss March 6, 2017 - On February 7, 2017, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released Too Loud! For Too Long!, a new CDC Vital Signs report about non-occupational noise-induced hearing loss and its association with socio-demographics and self-reported exposure to loud noise. According to the report about 1 out of 4 U.S. adults who report excellent to good hearing […]


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